We have a great line-up of speakers selected for our conference!  To learn more about each speaker, click on their name!

Wine and Viticulture – presented by Justin Scheiner

Whether you know it or not, Americans are crazy about grapes. Each year the United States produces enough grapes to fill the Empire State Building twenty-five times over. We also hold the title of the number one wine consuming nation in the world with more than 4 billion bottles consumed annually. Come hear about the fascinating history of grapes and wine, and why every Texan should have a grapevine in their garden.


Nature’s Cycles and Flows  – Presented by Steve Chaney

Given our recent years of drought and rain cycles, gardening has presented some great challenges for the Master Gardener.  Steve Chaney will teach us how we can create good, sustainable gardens within the extremes of weather handed us.


A Taste of the Tropics – presented by Tim Hartmann

As Americans, our consumption of fruit is usually restricted to about ten or so species. Even with a huge increase in offerings of exotic fruits at grocery stores, most of us have only seen the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds, even thousands of other exciting fruit species from tropical regions around the world. We’ll spend the first half of the program introducing you to some of the more exotic tropical fruit species from around the world. We’ll finish off by covering some of the major delicious tropicals (including some that can be grown right at home in Texas) in more detail.


Broadcasting from the Garden – presented by Daphne Richards

Daphne will share some of her favorite video clips (maybe some bloopers?!), provide instruction on what it takes to prepare for segments, and encourage Master Gardeners to consider doing a television or radio segment themselves or assist their agent in doing so.

(We apologize for the late change in speakers but we’re certain you’ll enjoy this session immensely!)


Garden Inspirations from Travel – presented by Janet Carson

Janet has taken the Arkansas Master Gardeners on garden tours around the world for years. She will share how this strengthens their Master Gardener program and how it helps with horticulture education.  She will also advise how Master Gardeners can plan a vacation around visiting gardens, how to take home inspiration from other gardens and how to find hidden gems.

Beneficials in Texas Gardens and Landscapes – presented by Dr. William M. Johnson

Beneficials in Texas gardens and landscapes include way more than honeybees and earthworms. Dr. Johnson will cover the rich diversity of beneficials that occur across Texas.



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